Thursday, August 16, 2018

will these years see the ironic exodus of African-Americans to political independence?

You know what they say about statistics. And growth statistics in percentage terms (of things that are really small and getting bigger) is one of the oldest tricks in the book. But this op-ed by Deroy Murdock is still worth a look and some thought. (See also: this on the various chasms one must cross to build market share.)

Politics and political history are full of ironies: "the buck-stops-here" Truman doesn't eat enough blame for the Korean War; Nixon goes to China and expands the War on Poverty far more than any prez; wage inequality between men and women falls most during the Reagan years; Clinton is one of the most conservative post-WWII prez; African-Americans suffered relatively under Obama; and now, potentially this...

The GOP isn't all that great for African-Americans .(Then again, who in govt is routinely good for anybody-- except those in power and their cronies?) But bipartisan passions (e.g., War on Drugs) and ironically, largely-Dem policy passions-- those in favor for 50 and 80 years now (minimum wage, Social Security/FICA, farm policy, Davis-Bacon, War on Poverty, opposition to the GI Bill for K-12, etc.)-- have been devastating to African-Americans.

Given a somewhat-likely perception of results and perhaps enjoyment of Trump's style, wouldn't it be ironic if the Trump years oversaw the exodus of African-Americans from obeisance of the Dem party to political independence?


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