Thursday, October 4, 2018

I Kings 17 and the Kavanaugh moment

I like this article from Jordan Harris of the Pegasus Institute. An implication is that those who want bigger government-- and a bigger federal government in particular-- have encouraged us almost inevitably to this place. When you give the federal govt much more power and you seek to arm the courts to accomplish your will, then what else can one expect, especially when the process is dominated by the power-hungry, rubes, partisans, and idolaters?

That said, I don't like the title: The era has been "coming to an end" for awhile now. One can point to sporadic confirmation spasms (Bork and Thomas), but things have trended uglier by the numbers since the second half of Bush II. (One wonders if some of us this would have been abated if Bush had limited his 9/11 response and stayed a lot more popular.) Roberts received 22 no votes and then it's been much tighter since then with Alito, the GOP biting back, and now Kavanaugh.

The best news in this re-creation of I Kings 17: the idolaters are a little more likely to drop their false god-- and the rest of us have a much clearer picture of the consequences of those idolatries.


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