Wednesday, October 17, 2018

weight loss 2018

Started at 215 on 1/1/18

The approach: I started to work out again, dropped desserts and sweets, and was otherwise careful with carbs. (Here's the record of this on FB.)

2/1: down 11 pounds
3/1: down 7; total of 18
4/1: down 2; total of 20
5/1: down 6; total of 26
6/1: down 3; total of 29
7/1: up 2; total of 27

Seven desserts through the first six months of this year: one each to celebrate my birthday (my favorite creation by Tonia: black-bottom banana-cream pie) and Bruce Hardesty's 50th; one each to celebrate Natasha's quincenera (flan) and Brennan's orientation at Ball State; and three excellent efforts from our family vaca (an amazing float at Fitz's and Ted Drewes' Frozen Custard in St. Louis; and a ridiculous "supreme" sno cone from Jerry's in Memphis-- Mango Tango [mango, banana, coconut] with chocolate soft-serve ice cream).

With the ministry trip to Africa in late July, watching weight was somewhere between redundant, ridiculous and insulting. So, I decided not to worry about it anymore. In mid-October, I've finally drifted back into the low 190s. So, I'm dropping back my carbs again, working to keep my weight in the 185-190 range.


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