Saturday, January 26, 2019

Acts 2's Christian community done well

Prepping for tomorrow night, I just noticed 7 pairs that were passionately balanced in the wonderful Acts 2:42-47.

First, note the context: Peter is calling them to individual salvation and then to embrace a new community (2:37-41).

Second, this new community featured 42's "devoted" and 46's "every day". This was rich, robust, hard-core community.

But third, within their "serious" approach to worship and community, they were balancing seven pairs:
1.) 42's teaching and fellowship
2.) 42,46's meals and "the Meal" (Eucharist)
3.) 46's glad and sincere hearts
4.) 43's awe and 46's glad/gratitude
5.) 46's in the temple and in homes
6.) 44-45's owning and sharing
7.) 47a's God and man; vertical and horizontal



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