Thursday, January 10, 2019

shame and its potential role in salvation and sanctification

Adding stuff to my Bible study notes this AM, including this article for my notes on Habakkuk. I don't recall this episode at all. (And I had forgotten about Justin Sacco as the first prominent example of "internet shaming.") But Thomas' account was a riveting read from a few angles. Her ending was especially powerful, focusing on Oscar Wilde's similar circumstances and thoughts on the topic of suffering's potential role in our salvation and sanctification.

An excerpt: "Ironically, the disagreement [with] Todd...was over my belief that suffering is sometimes necessary for personal growth, and an essential part of God’s plan for our salvation...The irony, of course, is that there is no belief my brush with online shaming confirmed more. I had heard the maxim that there is no humility without humiliation—how true it proved. My first reaction to the video was to feel aggrieved, thinking that I did not deserve what was happening to me, but on the Day of Judgment all my sins will be shouted from the housetops, and Todd’s rant will sound like a retirement luncheon toast in comparison. Of course I deserved it, and worse; most of us poor sinners do."

Wow, there is someone who understands sin, mercy, and grace. I'm glad that she is so comfortable in the goodness of God's Kingdom. If I don't get to meet her in this chapter of our eternal life in Christ Jesus, I look forward to meeting her in the next.


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