Wednesday, February 6, 2019

hey, read the Bible... uhh...

My sense is that a few things get in the way of people reading the Bible: not seeing the benefit of it, not knowing how to read it in a profitable manner, being afraid of it or what to do with certain passages, and/or not having the habit to do it regularly. If I were working on this-- and BTW, setting the table for people to be able to do TE or other things on their own-- I would set up small groups where members read X chapters per week of Scripture on their own (lectio divina style), journal on it, and come together to discuss what the Lord has shown them over the past week. A facilitator would do what's done in a TE group-- aiming to get more talkative folks to pick their spots and to get quieter folks to share. (It would be similar to the "Bible reading" part of TE.) And if it were me, I might start with Luke and then Acts. As for pacing, you could do, say, 3-5 chapters per week. You could also ask them to find one verse to memorize each week, etc. 

I think we tell people to read their Bibles and most of them (increasingly so, BTW, with a post-Christian culture) find that daunting, strange, don't know where to start, or get started but then get stuck without accountability. How do you get around those barriers? Something like I proposed, I think. We're always trying to think of ways to make it easier for people to move from passive and just-show-up-- to just do something. What we've seen is that once people get rolling, the ball generally keeps rolling-- for study, service, etc. 


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