Sunday, April 28, 2019

for all of us who are "the worst of sinners"

Paul considered himself "the worst of sinners" (I Tim 1:15-16), but there are many other impressive sinners among the Bible's "heroes".
Sexual immorality or marital struggles? Remember what God did with Tamar/Judah, Rahab, David, Solomon, and Samson. Remember what all Jesus said in John 5 and John 8.
A gravida who had a fetus killed? Remember what God did with Moses, David, and Saul.
Someone who stood by and let profound evil occur? Remember Adam in the Garden.
Punchline: Don't make excuses about your sins, but leave them behind. There's no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus. So choose love, grace, forgiveness, and redemption over guilt, evasion, and despair-- and become increasingly comfortable in the goodness of God's Kingdom.


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