Wednesday, May 15, 2019

on comparisons between adoption and foster care (in trying to defend abortion)

As Alabama tries to take us toward a science-centered approach on abortion (oh, the ironies!), we're going to see an increase in turmoil/angst from those who are a.) anti-science; or b.) metaphysically value the rights of pregnant women over their babies.

Recently, I've seen complaints that Christians aren't doing enough with foster care. Two thoughts to help you engage those conversations...

First and probably too snarky to use often: the poster should add liberals to the complaint. If we had more than a handful of compassionate liberals in this country, they would help carry the weight on this issue.

Second, this is an apples/rocks comparison. Even if every baby was cared for at birth with a change in abortion policy (relatively easy to do), you'd still have problems with orphans/foster care for older children, given jacked-up family structure & stability and the much greater challenges of doing foster care compared to adopting a baby.


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