Monday, August 12, 2019

nation vs. country (and on what basis to define the former)

Here's Allen Mendenhall at on the differences between a nation and a country-- as well as how it matters to current debates on politics, including "national conservatism".
Mendenhall defines a nation in cultural terms and a country in political terms. Then he argues that we've never been a nation and have always been a country. I think he's exaggerating the extent of each. But the distinction is still provocative.
Then he makes a provocative and ironic claim at the end: that current purveyors of nationalism are actually more interested in bigness/greatness and the use of force/politics than a true nationalism.

And then, this article from Jeffrey Tucker at AIER with more details and this important question:
"how precisely are we going to define the nation? There seem to be five kinds of possible unity: race, language, religion, unity, and dynasty (ruling families). Which will it be? If you want to understand the confusion within the Trump movement, observe how the new nationalism is constantly toggling between these various forms of national identity."


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