Friday, September 6, 2019

Gelernter on mutations and the improbability of the comprehensive evolutionary narrative

An elegant essay from David Gelernter on an important topic; one for the files...

Gelernter is not at all persuaded on ID, but "it says aloud what anyone who ponders biology must think, at some point, while sifting possible answers to hard questions".

Moreover, "the religion is all on the [Darwinian] side. Meyer and other proponents of I.D. are the dispassionate intellectuals making orderly scientific arguments. Some I.D.-haters have shown themselves willing to use any argument—fair or not, true or not, ad hominem or not—to keep this dangerous idea locked in a box forever. They remind us of the extent to which Darwinism is no longer just a scientific theory but the basis of a worldview, and an emergency replacement religion for the many troubled souls who need one."

Gelernter talks about the fossil record, but focuses on the immense difficulty of imagining that mutations can carry the load required for the comprehensive evolution narrative.

Check it out!


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