Wednesday, September 4, 2019

how quickly/much are African-Americans deviating from their fealty and support for the Dems?

Here's Jonah Goldberg on what continues to be (one of) the most fascinating (and largely unsung) aspects of the social and political changes over the past few years. As a policy geek and a non-partisan, this is welcome.
Like most other voters, African-Americans (quite rationally) know little about public policy. Most have been content to vote for a party which routinely advocates economic policies that are disproportionately harmful to them. (The other party isn't much better in this regard, but in light of the two devils in the arena, you'd expect the A-A vote to split much more evenly.)
In recent years, identity politics on the Left (extending to so many other groups while attacking free speech), policy pandering (on reparations), and ridiculous political maneuvering (e.g., non-stop attacks on Trump whose style many of them like; Warren's racial "Nativity"; other Dem candidates' racial baggage) have grown so egregious-- that it looks like enough to move the political needle significantly.
I'm eager to watch this play out!


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