Wednesday, October 2, 2019

folks who love to discriminate against (some) people of color

I doubt the Affirmative Action case by Asian-Americans vs. Harvard will stand when it gets to the SCOTUS-- any more than they let JCPS continue to tell black students they couldn't attend Central HS *because* they were black. (The C-J was a huge fan of this racism too!)

We just finished discussing Benjamin Watson's fine book, "Under our Skin", in a small group at church. I didn't get to this point, but one of the things that frosts my donut in this arena is the phrase "people of color"-- since the proponents of such things clearly don't mean that. Proponents are perfectly willing to discriminate against some "people of color" to favor other "people of color". Can we at least drop the euphemisms and aim for more truth/honesty?


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