Thursday, November 14, 2019

NBA playoff picks after 10 (and then 20) games

After ten games, relying on point differential, the 2020 NBA Playoff line-up looks like: 

--Eastern (for sure): Boston Celtics; Milwaukee Bucks; Toronto Raptors; Miami Heat; Philadelphia 76ers; Indiana Pacers

--Eastern (maybe; 2 spots left): Cleveland, Orlando, Brooklyn, Detroit

--Western: Los Angeles Lakers; Denver Nuggets; Houston Rockets; LA Clippers; Utah Jazz; Phoenix Suns; Dallas Mavericks; Oklahoma City Thunder

--Western (maybe, but probs not): Minnesota, San Antonio, Portland (most likely: MN to replace OKC)

AFTER 20 Games
--Eastern (for sure): same

--Western: drop OKC as for sure
--Eastern (maybe; 2 spots left): Orlando, Brooklyn, Detroit
--Western (maybe; 1 spot left): Minnesota, OKC, Portland


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