Wednesday, November 6, 2019

on Libertarians and the Bevin/Beshear election

Ouch! This press release is not how I would phrase everything on the KY governor's election. But it's understandable trash-talking, given how the major parties unjustly jack with the minor parties. (And I haven't seen any polling data. Without that, it's not clear that John pulled more from Bevin than Beshear.) That said, I don't see much to argue with-- in the substance of the press release.
A few thoughts:
-I don't know much about Alvarado-- and doubt that voters care much about Lt. Gov. candidates.
-If one *really* doesn't like outcomes where minor party candidates are "spoilers", it's *really* easy to fix-- as per the LP's call to electoral reform. The problem is that the two major parties don't want the increased competition that goes with this reform. They'd rather take their chances with their cartel and carp / make excuses when things don't go their way-- than to improve the system. If you really care, make electoral reform a priority.
-After the fact, I'm guessing that the a-biblical (or even anti-biblical) opposition to legalizing pot and esp. expanded gambling doesn't look like a good...gamble.
-Hopefully the KY GOP will be better than the Dems in the 2016 prez loss-- in terms of looking in the mirror vs. making excuses. When all of the other GOP cruise to victory and you're an incumbent in a healthy economy running against a complete tool, then you should blame the candidate or perhaps the feckless GOP legislators who left him out to dry, esp. on pension reform.


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