Tuesday, November 26, 2019

on voices, variance, and VET

Bob Heleringer's op-ed on Dan Seum in the CJ, on the occasion of Seum's retirement from the KY legislature...

We need more people who think independently and act as a legitimate voice-- whether we agree with them or not. That's one huge reason to appreciate people ranging from Rand Paul, Flake, and Amash to ACO, Gabbard and Yang in national politics. (Another way they're useful: when people equate Rand with Mitch, for example, you can quickly distinguish that they're a rube.)

I worked with Dan on VET. My research indicated that at least a dramatic reduction was in order-- to help the environment and the economy. But the momentum behind the grass-roots movement and Dan's leadership led to its abolition in Louisville (and the better program in So. IN.) I appreciate his work and his voice in the KY legislature.


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