Monday, April 6, 2020

rant about debt, liabilities and sacking the economy

If the govt tanks the economy with its "stimuli" and additional debt, it won't be this $2T, it'll be the first $25T in debt and $50T in liabilities that gets us. As such, the bulk of the blame goes to:

1.) President Bush and his GOP Congress-- for profligate spending, debt and the first of the "stimulus" efforts-- when as "conservatives" (posers), they should have known better.

2.) Presidents Obama and Trump, along with Congress-- although it's not clear they they know any better.

3.) Dems for their demagoguery on Social Security and Medicare reform efforts-- the massive liabilities of which are added to our debt.

4.) The partisan enablers who've made all of this possible-- clapping like seals at their loser pols and yelling at the other side with poorly-placed self-righteousness.

The infection caused by your idolatry has caused a lot of damage and may sack the economy. That is all.


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