Wednesday, June 3, 2020

top two problems in the current "racial moment"

IMO, the top two things that are sorely missing from "the debate":
1.) Most folks don't read (or watch TV) "liberally". It's sad in all cases (esp. when diverse media are available to us at such low cost). But it's ironic when folks who trumpet "diversity" (of certain narrow types) are not diverse in what they read, their media sources, how they construct panels to discuss these things, etc. They imagine that they're diverse, tolerant, and educated, when they're uniform, blinkered, and propagandists. Ignorance is rough enough, but it gets really nasty when it's combined with confident self-righteousness.
2.) Folks seem to miss the vital importance of (economic/social) class in these things, deciding to try to stuff everything in the box of race. Arguably, class is a (far) larger consideration. Easy thought experiment: is it easier for you to talk with folks of the same class and a different race-- or the same race and a significantly different class?


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