Monday, June 8, 2020

Voddie Baucham on ethnic gnosticism and other things

Here's the video

-Knowledge and experience matter, but it can descend into "gnosticism"-- special knowledge (incl. the perverse ability/right of a receiver to confidently define how it was meant by the sender).

-Why can a family member say something and it's not racist; but if a white person says it, it's definitely racist?

-"Color blind" is not biblical. Aside from Rev 5:9, 7:9, Baucham discusses Romans 9 at some length-- for Paul on "ethnicity matters", but not next to Christ.

-Good stuff on "tokenism" in general and Baucham's education choice in particular-- a necessary impact of various forms of "Affirmative Action" (see: Shelby Steele, "The Content of our Character").

-He cites John McWhorter on "atonement as activism" and false religion-- with an original sin that cannot be atoned. (I concur with Baucham that McWhorter is essential reading/listening in this area.)

-All of this can be a distraction from other sins and missed ops for sanctification.


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