Sunday, June 7, 2020

writing projects I've done directly on race (all in one place)

I'm probably forgetting some. (If I think of more, I'll try to add them later.) And this does not include my two books on public policy or many (dozens?) of op-eds. I've written about the implications of economic policy on race for 30 years. But the focus here is explicit works on race, social commentary, and economic policy.  

Let's start with movies: check out two old works by Spike Lee. Do the Right Thing and School Daze are really interesting looks at some inside baseball in the black community. (A modern version would be the debate in the black community over the police: essential and largely helpful with some really rotten apples vs. largely and irredeemably evil.)

Here's a review of the movie Get Out

Book Reviews:

Thomas Sowell's Race and Culture

Tracy K'Meyer's book on Louisville, 1945-1980

three books in one review (on peonage, segregation, and racism broadly)

Thomas Leonard on racism within Progressivism and economic policy

See also: 
my essay on eugenics, including its racial angles

my essay on Buchanan v. Warley (SCOTUS; 1917)


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