Tuesday, February 9, 2021

C-J on busing as a well-intentioned but destructive idea

WOW. So impressed that the C-J would publish this and this. (Shawnee is an amazing/unique institution now. We got to take a tour there 6-8 years ago.)

The C-J had a ton of overt nasty racism in the first half of the last century. Now, we just need them and similar folks to quit forcefully advocating well-intentioned but impractical, unethical, systemically-racist policy solutions-- at least, before decades have gone by. (#MinimumWage #Welfare) Hopefully, they're on the way to finally getting it figured out.

My favorite stat on this: JCPS spending 10% of its budget on busing. (The last time I looked...does anyone know the latest on this?)

My favorite moment: JCPS telling Black parents they couldn't send their kids to local, historically-important, magnet Central High School-- because they were...Black (and CJ editorialists vehemently advocating this).

Honorable mention: the staggeringly-long bus rides a few years back; and friends whose kindergartener was sent to the West End, while another kindergartener on their cul de sac was sent to a different West End school.


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