Thursday, January 12, 2023

MAYTAG is terrible

I plan to remind you daily how terrible MAYTAG is (and thus, WHIRLPOOL) until our Washer gets fixed. (And I look forward to working them into my textbook revision and using them as a classroom example for years to come.)

We bought a turd at LOWE's in February and I'd hope they could do better, but their hands seem mostly tied. Increasing trouble until useless in December. Contacted Maytag on 12/27, repair attempted by pros on 1/3; basic part ordered 1/5; now told that it may be 21 business days (early February). Along the way, long waits, incompetence and hassle from MAYTAG's customer service.

A complaint on FB generated some noise but no discernment movement. After a complaint to the BBB, things got rolling. We were given an extra year of warranty-- and the machine was finally fixed on February 14 (50 days from the start of this debacle). 

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