Monday, January 16, 2023

MLK and flawed heroes

On MLK Jr. Day, I'm reflecting on "cancel culture" and its impact on interpreting our nation's heroes. We celebrate them not for the sins they've committed, but the great things they have done.

On the Right, it doesn't matter (enough) to cancel MLK for his philandering or ignorance on economics and political economy. For those on the Left, do you really want to cancel past heroes because of (big) mistakes? If so, have you jettisoned Darwin, Sanger, Wilson, etc.-- and are you willing to part with MLK or others in the future?

Related: it's fascinating that the Bible portrays its heroes with warts. Aside from Daniel and Joshua/Caleb (and of course, the God-Man Jesus), all of the significant players have significant flaws. Why? Ultimately, Judaism and Christianity are not about our flaws, but God's grace and redemption-- and our decision to repent and embrace the gift and to become involved with His works of redemption.


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