Monday, March 13, 2023

rating the last seven presidents as a partisan, a partisan hack, or objective

P = partisan; PH = partisan hack

                  GOP-PH        GOP-P           Dem-P         Dem-PH

Reagan       awesome        great             ehh                bad

Bush I        very good        good              bad             terrible             

Clinton        terrible          ehh              good             good      

Bush II      very good         good              bad             terrible   

Obama           bad          terrible       very good            god 

Trump            god             ehh            terrible             1/6

Biden           terrible       terrible           good           very good

Objective (from a reasonably free-market view): 

-Reagan best since at least Coolidge. 

-Bush I ehh and should have known better. 

-Clinton very good (at least with the conservative GOP Congress he delivered in 1994). 

-Bush II range of terrible policies; should have known better; and the end of conservatism in the GOP. 

-Obama terrible combo of bad policies and treading water; and the end of liberalism among Dems. 

-Trump terrible: most of the good/significant policy moves of the 21st C, but utter disaster on style. 

-Biden terrible: inept in style and substance, continuing the lies and divisiveness.  


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