Friday, June 2, 2023

Russell Moore on Uganda's RR/LM problem

Russell Moore in CT on not "legislating morality" in Uganda...

I remember giving RM a copy of my book on this (TNRNL) at a conference back in the day (in DC, I think). Maybe he read it! Or maybe he got to this position on his own (eventually?). 

A few thoughts:

-Key line/thought: not everything that is wrong should be illegal (corollary: not everything that is right should be mandated or subsidized). If everyone could understand this, the (policy) world would be a much better place.

-This used to be a deal for the Religious Right in the U.S., but has faded with some combo of declining political power and reduced political idolatry.

-Ironically, this approach is quite popular on the Secular Left these days!

-Along the same lines: Although Christians are called to a higher standard (e.g., through the 3rd Commandment), this is a nearly-universal problem and not uniquely Christian. Only a tiny fraction of people have a coherent political philosophy and only a small fraction have appropriate knowledge of the public policies where they advocate (often dogmatically). Of course, it's quite rational not to have this knowledge; just make sure to be careful about dogmatism and if you're a theist, misusing God's name.


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