Tuesday, June 13, 2023

work and Gen 2 vs. welfare and idolatry toward govt, safety, and Mammon

Enjoying this film from Arthur Brooks. Reminds me of Charles Murray in his phenomenal book "In Pursuit" where he uses Maslow's Hierarchy to discuss self-actualization, etc.

Most provocative observation (for me): both the Left and the Right often see work as a "punishment": something from which people are to be exempted or inflicted upon. A Christian worldview insists that "work" is a pre-Fall / Gen 2 institution that is essential to our well-being.

It also reminds me of the consensus on welfare by the 1990s that it sucked, leading to the Clinton/GOP reforms. On the Right, it was inefficient; on the Left, it was seen as dehumanizing. Both were/are right. 

We're working with a handful of able-bodied young people these days, where welfare payments to them (for SSDI) are so debilitating. Sad to watch; hard to help. #ThanksGovt #WhoWillBuildTheRoads


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