Wednesday, July 5, 2023

on Biden's (undemocratic, etc.) college student debt plan and the duh SCOTUS ruling against it

A lovely idea-- other than being undemocratic (Biden's EO on a legislative matter), regressive (redistributing to the non-poor), cronyistic (vote-buying), financed with debt (undemocratically taking resources from the future), etc. And yes, it’s biblical-- other than the stealing from others to pay your debts. Glad to see this no-brainer from SCOTUS!

The best part: fans of this are shouting at us that they don't love democracy. 

Some good articles here, here and here-- and an AEI panel discussion of the policy and the decision...

Enjoyed them using Nancy Pelosi's words in the decision-- in this case, as a defender of democracy or perhaps trying to preserve power for Congress.


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