Sunday, June 30, 2024

nuggets from Duchovny's novella

Finished David Duchovny's Covid-era novella, The Reservoir. Interesting and well-executed; the man's good with a phrase. My favorite nuggets were in the middle, discussing different types of "maskers" during Covid: "half-assed", "statement masks", engaged in "pandemic Kabuki". A libertarian street vendor was likely "an essential worker, a doctor of frontline frankfurters" until the govt got him. (39, 41)

But the best stuff his acknowledge of his (blind) faith in science: "He knew he was one of those hypocritical members of the tribe that believed religiously in science, but knew nothing about it...What were its impenetrable numbers, formulae, and predictions, he speculated, other than the priestly tongue, prayers and prophecies of the one true God that had slayed all other gods and buried their smoky, primitive altars in an avalanche of blackboard equations and theorems?" (42)


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