Monday, August 27, 2007

ok, now the landlords are getting in the pool...

From this morning's C-J:
Landlords in Southern Indiana are now weighing in on the property tax debate.

Their (legitimate) beef is that homeowners who live in their houses are given a variety of tax breaks while homeowners who don't live in their houses are not subsidized. (The former receives a homestead exemption and credit-- and may receive a mortgage interest deduction.) One form of investment is favored over another-- which is neither equitable no efficient.

It's good timing since it seems like passion on property taxes had faded a bit over the last few weeks. Maybe it's still hot-and-heavy and it's hard to sense it from down south. Or maybe it was August doldrums. Or maybe it was an all-too-common phenomenon: the public gets upset about something, but only sustains the passion for awhile before returning to mowing their lawns and raising their kids.

In any case, with a spate of recent activity, especially down-state, property taxes seem to be back on the front burner.


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