Saturday, November 24, 2007

what can brown do for you?

From this AM's C-J, a modest heart-warming story about a truck driver...

Behind the wheel of his tractor-trailer, lumbering south on Interstate 75 toward Louisville, Ron Sowder keeps it under 55. Grannies in Hondas and moms in minivans glide by him on a gray, cold morning. Big Dog doesn't care.

UPS pays him to deliver packages on time, but safely. And that's what Sowder, 68, of Springboro, Ohio, has been doing for 45 years, driving more than 3 million miles without an accident. Since January, he has held the all-time driving-safety record for UPS worldwide.

The article also delivered safe-driving tips practiced at UPS...

UPS drivers are taught to practice a safe-driving formula they remember as "All Good Kids Love Milk."
ALL: Aim high in steering. Look far down the road to see potential traffic hazards or problems.
GOOD: Get the big picture. Maintain proper following distance. Don't tailgate.
KIDS: Keep your eyes moving. Scan the road. Constantly shift eyes while driving.
LOVE: Leave yourself an out. Surround your vehicle with space in front and on at least one side.
MILK: Make sure they see you: Communicate in traffic with horn, lights and signals.


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