Friday, December 28, 2007

flip the switch on winter

From the C-J awhile back, a helpful hint to reduce those painful winter heating bills...

And it warms the heart of an economist to say that-- unlike most environmental regulations, ethanol subsidies, and so on-- this is both environmentally, economically, and socially efficient!

There are plenty of costly ways to save on your utility bills this winter, but there also are ways to cut energy usage that don't cost a dime.

One of them is making sure you flip the switch -- on your ceiling fan, that is.

The Hunter Fan company says a ceiling fan that's sized appropriately for the room and operated correctly can save you up to 10 percent on your heating bills.

Most ceiling fans have a switch that controls the direction of the blades. When the fan runs counter-clockwise, Hunter says, it blows air down, providing the cooling effect desired during warm months. By running the fan clockwise, during cold months, it circulates the warm air near the ceiling.

This makes the room warmer, which decreases demands on heating systems and allows you to turn down your thermostat to save on energy costs.


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