Wednesday, February 20, 2008

a big, dominating, empty balloon?

A hilarious cartoon from Lisa Benson in today's C-J, but I can't copy it over to the blog...

I'll describe it below-- or you can click here and then scroll down to "recent work" and choose 2/15 under her name.

It's a picture of Hillary talking on the right side of the cartoon. But all you can read in her "balloon" is "George Bush"-- because her balloon is covered by the far larger balloon of Obama (who is standing on the far left). Obama's balloon actually extends beyond the cartoon! That's funny and insightful enough. But in addition, Obama's balloon has nothing in it.

Last night, McCain got off a nice blast in describing Obama's rhetoric as "eloquent but empty". This cartoon picks up on that-- as well as Obama's ability, to this point, to overwhelm Clinton-- at the least, on the basis of his charisma and oratory.

Earlier, I blogged on Obama's style vs. substance-- or at least perceptions of the combo.

If he is unable to overcome that perception, he might get by Hillary, but it will prove more difficult to get by McCain in November.


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