Wednesday, April 23, 2008

pray for John Bottorff's family

Tragic news that the four-year-old daughter of fellow candidate John Bottorff was run over by a car Tuesday afternoon in a parking lot. (An elderly driver lost control of his car.)

John is running in the Democratic primary against Baron Hill on May 6th.

I've only met John one time-- at the March 19th demonstration against our ongoing efforts in Iraq. (John and Gretchen Clearwater are the two vocal anti-war candidates opposing Baron in May.) Even though I hardly know him, I felt closer to him than one might expect-- perhaps because we have a similar approach to all of this and he seems like a great guy.

Our four kids are one year older than theirs. I cannot even begin to imagine the grief and other emotions that will impact his family.

Please join me in praying that he and his family would sense God's presence in this ordeal.


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