Friday, June 27, 2008

is anti-Obama good enough for November?

It seems as though Republicans and/or conservatives-- laypeople and talk radio-- are mostly interested in trashing Obama than in lifting up McCain. Why?

a.) Obama presents a target-rich environment.
b.) McCain is not all that exciting as a candidate-- in style or substance.
c.) It's easier, generally, to be critical than to be positive.
d.) It's easier, specifically with politics these days, to be critical than to be positive.
e.) Since Obama has a (percevied?) monopoly on "hope", going negative is all that's left.
f.) All of the above.

I'll go with F.

When speculating about politicians, I think I have a tendency to be half-too-cynical on their motives and half-too-clever about their savvy. On the latter, I wonder if McCain is running a largely non-negative campaign because he knows that most of his "supporters" will do plenty of Obama-bashing. Or again, maybe that's half-too-clever...


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