Friday, December 26, 2008

if the locals don't want to pay for it...

then why should people from elsewhere in the country be forced to pay for it?

Here's a great example of anti-federalism-- taking care of local things at the state and federal government levels-- from Harold Adams in the C-J...

Citing a loss of federal funding, the Floyd County Health Department announced yesterday it will stop offering family planning services at the end of next month.

About 600 people who receive birth control, gynecological exams or screenings for sexually transmitted disease won't be able to get those services at the department's Maternal and Child Health Center at 1917 Bono Road in New Albany after Jan. 31, coordinator Stacie Rost said.

Rost said the Indiana Family Health Council, a nonprofit agency that distributes federal family planning funds, decided to stop giving money to the center because the council also funds those services through a Planned Parenthood clinic on Paoli Pike.

What a mess: locals have their money taken by the feds-- who gives it to the state-- who gives it to a local agency. Uhh, wouldn't it be easier to cut out the two middlemen?


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