Saturday, January 31, 2009

stimulus analysis mostly parallels editorial

Here's an article in this AM's C-J from the AP's Andrew Taylor on the stimulus (with plenty of interesting examples)-- redundant with the parallel editorial in places, and without blame-shifting to the Republican minority...

They call it "stimulus" legislation, but the economic measures racing through Congress would devote tens of billions of dollars to causes that have little to do with jolting the country out of recession.

There's $345 million for Agriculture Department computers, $650 million for TV converter boxes, $15 billion for college scholarships - worthy, perhaps, but not likely to put many Americans back to work quickly.

Yes, there are many billions of dollars in "ready-to-go" job-creating projects in President Barack Obama's economic stimulus bill. But there are also plenty of items that are just unfinished business for Congress' old bulls.

An $800 billion-plus package, it turns out, gives lawmakers plenty of opportunities to rid themselves of nagging headaches left over from the days when running up the government's $10 trillion-plus debt was a bigger concern.

...lawmakers are able to thin out their in-boxes, even if they aren't doing much to create jobs.


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