Tuesday, August 4, 2009

seeing God in our bodies and in our pain

Kyle preached a great four-part series on "Seeing God"-- in our universe, our world, our bodies, and our pain.

I'm going to blog on a few details from weeks 3 and 4...

He wrapped up week 3 with the Louie Giglio point about "laminin"-- the cross-like cell adhesion that is at the center of our DNA and our very being. This was a nice parallel to Kyle's reference to the cross at the center of our galaxy in week 1.

The coolest point from week 3 is one with which I was familiar, but picked up a few more details. One of the Hebrew word for "know" (ya-da') speaks of intimate knowledge-- between God and us, and us and others-- and relates even to "knowing" someone sexually. Genesis 4:1-- when Adam and Eve "know" each other and conceive Cain-- is the first Biblical example. From there, it's used repeatedly as a theme in the OT-- that the Israelites should worship/know God alone and avoid idolatry (which is equated with adultery).

In week 4, Kyle opened up with a reference to Dr. Douglas Borchmann, an acquaintance of mine from U of L-- and apparently, one of the foremost experts on the human eye. I've heard him speak on it before and it underlines one of many deficiencies in Evolution as a comprehensive explanation for the development of life.

Following the theme of the importance and inexplicability of the human eye, Kyle also noted the irony of "spiritual blindness". In light of Jeremiah 29:13, we will see God more clearly as we seek Him; if we decide not to seek Him, we are more likely to be blind to His presence.

In most cases, as Pascal noted, we often follow what we find attractive rather than that for which we see evidence. One key exception is the (much more reasonable) blindness that can come from acute or chronic suffering.

Most suffering is a function of our own sin-- or the sins of others. Kyle cited 95% as an estimate and noted that it's interesting that we focus on the 5% that might attributed to God. (He has some fun with the concept of "acts of God".) In that, either you believe that God is just and merciful in exerting his power within love and knowledge-- or you won't. (This gets to theodicy.)

Kyle also featured an interview with Cindy Winters-- the wife of the pastor slain by a shooter in a church service earlier this year. SIMPLY AMAZING! Check it out!


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