Monday, September 21, 2009

Kerry joins Ted Kennedy in rank hypocrisy and pure, partisan politics

I asked this about Kennedy; now, I ask it about Kerry:

How can people sleep at night when they do stuff like this?

From the WSJ editorialists...

John Kerry...was back in Boston Wednesday, urging the state legislature to change the law governing U.S. Senate vacancies [by special election].

Mr. Kerry said, "[It] is hardly's hardly even unprecedented, even in Massachusetts." That's for sure. The law in the Bay State provided for interim appointment by the Governor as recently as 2004. That, of course, was the year that Mr. Kerry won the Democratic nomination for President. Just in case he won, the state legislature changed the law to strip the Governor of this power. That change also came at Senator Kennedy's urging.

What changed in the ensuing five years? In 2004, the Governor, Mitt Romney, was a Republican. [The current governor Deval] Patrick is a Democrat....Raw partisan advantage explains why Mr. Kerry, like his departed colleague, was for the 2004 change before he was against it.

And he wanted to be President? His stand on this issue is not exactly a mark of greatness...


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