Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dude Perfect!

From Mark Bergin in World...

What began as six competitive college roommates inventing basketball shots in their backyard has grown to an international internet phenomenon. Dude Perfect, as they have dubbed their group, has drawn millions of YouTube viewers to their creative collection of amazing trick shots, including a super-long-distance bucket from the third deck of Texas A&M's Kyle Field to a portable basket positioned on the sidelines below.

Tyler Toney, otherwise known as "the bearded guy" on the Dude Perfect website, needed only about 70 tries to make the seemingly impossible shot. Incredibly, many of the other whacky buckets depicted in Dude Perfect videos took just one take...

"They've had the opportunity to talk about their faith," Jeff Toney said of the Aggie undergrads, all of whom are evangelical Christians and involved in promoting the foreign aid work of Compassion International....


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