Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I wish the NAACP was as concerned about educational quality

They certainly care about racial diversity.

But they're not all that interested in educational diversity-- particularly when inner-city students, predominantly, "colored people"-- get a really bad (and expensive) education, with few if any choices to get away from it.

Here's Antoinette Kunz in the C-J...

Jefferson County's public schools aren't as diverse as they should be because some district officials, teachers, board members and parents are undermining the new student-assignment plan, the Louisville branch of the NAACP said in an 18-page statement.

The statement was released Monday during a press conference where local NAACP members criticized the district for failing to strictly enforce the plan, board members for trying to dismantle it and parents for believing they should be exempt....

My favorite irony here (among many) is to imagine the NAACP criticizing the African-American parents who wanted to send their children to the magnet school in their neighborhood (Central High), but were turned away because they were black and it would mess up the diversity numbers.

That includes:

*Asking the school board to put students first, be consistently supportive of the new plan, demand and approve a transportation program which delivers diverse schools and recognize the need to retain and recruit minority teachers and staff members.

Of course, this is an oxymoron, unless perhaps, if we're thinking of students as a group, rather than as individuals. The NAACP and other proponents of the plan are quite content to impose costs on individual students and families to accomplish their aggregate goals. In particular, imposing a very long bus ride on young children is staggeringly arrogant.


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