Tuesday, June 22, 2010

watchdog media for Paul vs. lapdogs for Conway

Some tough questions for much of the Kentucky media and Jack Conway from John David Dyche in the C-J...

Kudos for the C-J publishing it!

Kentucky media have made Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul their political punching bag since last month's primary. Meanwhile, the press coddles Democrat Jack Conway...voters can fairly wonder whether liberal bias explains Conway's free pass. Just imagine if journalists were as eager to expose Conway as an empty suit as they have been to portray Paul as a libertarian kook.

They would track Conway down where ordinary working-class Democrats like him hang out -- Belmont Park or Glenview -- and ask him questions like these.

Abortion. Where in the Constitution do you find the right to abortion?...Would you have voted for the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act?

Health care. You support the health care reform act despite polling showing 60 percent of Kentucky voters favor its repeal. Are Kentuckians just too stupid to know their own best interests?

Immigration. Do you support the administration or Arizona?

You boast of a plan to save $430 billion over a decade without raising taxes, but last week 44 Senate Democrats (and their socialist fellow traveler from Vermont) voted to add $80 billion to the deficit over a decade by extending jobless benefits, giving state and local governments subsidies, postponing cuts in Medicare payments to doctors, and renewing tax breaks. How would you have voted?

Maybe media take it easy on Conway not because of bias, but because he is boring, evasive and superficial. Paul is at least interesting, engaging, and serious. Regardless of the reason, the press is indisputably reluctant to scrutinize the Democratic lawyer as intensely as it has the Republican doctor.


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