Saturday, July 3, 2010

C-J: transparency for me, not for thee AND "the institution" of the C-J is confused about the 2nd Amendment

From a letter to the editor of the C-J by Ralph Koslik, nailing their editorialists on their hypocrisy on transparency-- and then getting a response from the editor that pins their bizarre 2nd Amendment views on the entire C-J "institution"!

Here's Mr. Koslik's letter:

Of all the editorials ever published in The C-J , the one on Wednesday regarding the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, declaring it a "phantom right," was the most offensive, most repugnant, most ignorant ever. The C-J is on an unending crusade for transparency. I challenge The C-J , as I have previously, to tell The C-J readers who on the editorial staff wrote this abominable editorial.

Here's the editor's response:

Editorials are unsigned because they reflect the view of the newspaper as an institution, not that of any individual writer. -- Editor.


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