Saturday, July 31, 2010

Chelsea Clinton, "mixed faith marriages", and not believing what you claim

This morning, I heard discussion about a great increase in "mixed-faith marriages"-- in today's (famous) case, Chelsea Clinton (with a Baptist/Methodist background) marrying a man with a Jewish background.

I have no clue whether Chelsea is a professing Christian, active church-goer, etc. Although it's possible that both are "believers" of their claimed "faiths", it is more likely that they are merely "cultural" in their response to Christianity and Judaism.

To the extent this is true-- for them and certainly for most others in this category-- we're not really observing an increase in mixed-"faith" marriages, but an increase in mixed-"culture" marriages (or somesuch). To note, if their faith meant a lot to them, they wouldn't marry someone of another (avid) faith.


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