Wednesday, July 14, 2010

let's try to privatize some roads

From Debbie Harbeson in the Jeff/NA News-Tribune...

She has fun with "Clark County politicians" who have supported and then opposed the dreaded "wheel tax". Then she takes a poke at Barbara Hollis for telling taxpayers that the wheel tax is really not a tax, but rather a “user-fee”: "Common sense tells us this is not a user-fee. It’s not at all based on actual road usage."

From there, she points to a more glorious future where some/more roads are privately built and maintained--e.g., with Star Hill Road.

I would love to see this road become privately owned and operated. If there truly is a demand for this road, then let some group take it on and reap any profits from doing so.

If it’s impossible to make the road completely private, it’s certainly possible to operate according to actual usage by implementing a toll. If it does become a toll road, businesses who would benefit would still have lots of options. For example, they could give a discount equal to the toll price to any customer who spends a certain amount at participating businesses....


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