Friday, August 13, 2010

take the money they've altready taken from you?

The C-J editorialists confusing what's good for the individual vs. what's good for the whole.

They have some fun with Gov. Daniels' criticism of federal aid to states-- while being willing to cash the check.

Really, it's quite simple. At least if you can sleep at night, it's better to take money that the government has already taken from you-- especially if you're not in the unseemly position of lobbying to take money from other people to put in your pockets.

Most serious economists (as opposed to, say, right-wing politicians pandering to tea party fantasies) believe that increased public spending has prevented a severe crisis from becoming a catastrophe. Reductions in public funding at this delicate stage would lead to a slowdown in the private sector's recovery, and could trigger a new recessionary wave.Yes, deficits will have to be reckoned with eventually, but that's a challenge for a time when the economy is stronger. It would be a reckless gamble to start slashing now.

Oh yes, can't you tell how well the economy is working with all of the Bush/Obama stimulus?

And then, this "zinger" to finish things off:

All of which raises the question: If Mr. Daniels gets to the White House, who comes first then?

That's the good news. If one takes this as a harbinger of what his national policy would look like, then the answer is "All of us" vs. politically-connected special interest groups and games where we take money from one pocket and put it in another and imagine that we're doing good.


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