Monday, August 9, 2010

when partisanship gets in the way of peace

A strange letter to the editor of the C-J-- from James McMillin, who identifies himself with the Louisville Peace Action Community.

He takes Rand Paul to task-- which is ok in itself-- but odd in that Paul prefers a much less interventionist foreign policy than Jack Conway. You're a member of a group with Peace in the name, but support a warmonger (relatively speaking)?!

He also compares Paul to Mitch McConnell as "obstructionists" and capitalists. I don't see where Paul would be an obstructionist (probably far less than the average politician and more willing to cross partisan lines) or how McConnell is comparable to Paul on advocacy of capitalism.

At the end of the day, the policy lines are completely blurred for McMillin-- and apparently are largely unimportant-- behind the aggressive partisanship of a yellow-dog Democrat.


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