Thursday, October 21, 2010

local major-party shenanigans

Republicans have their own troubles-- with Ron Grooms receiving an endorsement from a group to which he sent taxpayer dollars (with an update here) and the controversy about Charlie White.

But here's a problem for the Dems-- in an email to Tea Partiers by way of Dave Matthews, chairman of the Floyd CO. GOP. (complete with a "Cheater Chuck" reference)!

Or maybe this is all just a lot of partisan bickering? If so, let me know!

Hey GOP Team,
I need you all to be aware of circumstances surrounding one of our races in Floyd County. A couple of weeks ago, I was notified that Chuck Freiberger and other Democrats were leaving campaign literature and signs at the entrances of our schools in Floyd County, particularly Floyd Central, Highland Hills, Greenville Elementary and Grant Line Elementary. They also advised me that signs and literature were being passed out at football games.

I consulted with our Election Board, the school board and principals from Greenville and Floyd Central. It was made very clear to me that the policy in play here was the vote by the teachers' union, the Indiana State Teachers Association (ISTA), that allowed teachers to distribute campaign materials to other teachers whom they had endorsed. When I asked if Republicans would also be allowed equal access to teachers at our schools, I was informed that the ISTA had not voted in favor of endorsing Republican candidates and that our candidates would not be invited to do so.

Upon further discussion, I was informed that although Chuck was allowed to distribute information to other teachers, he was not allowed to do so in open public and should not have left his signs at entrances to schools. I was assured that they had been removed, that this would not happen again and advised that it was probably best to take the "high road" on this issue and not worry about it happening again. I took that advice as wise and let it go but continued to watch.

Sure enough, Chuck is cheating again. Yesterday, a Floyd Central high school student noticed Chuck in front of the door to his class leaving an open box of his campaign stickers at the entrance to his class. This student even took a photo of the box of stickers in front of his class and shared it with us. Apparently, Cheater Chuck didn't get the word that public distribution of his campaign literature at our schools, which are paid for by our tax money, isn't legal. Of course, he probably figures that since Baron Hill can distribute thousands of campaign brochures to all of us with our tax money, it must be good enough for him too.

Now, here's what I want us to do. Number one, the election board is pursuing this matter to see whether legal action should be taken against Chuck Freiberger and the Democratic Party. We'll let you know when we know more on this front but I wanted you to know that action is being taken....

Thanks for all your help,
Dave Matthews
Chairman, Floyd County Republican Party


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