Friday, June 26, 2015

the ACA as political, judicial, and economics

A nice article in Forbes that leads to the following observations...

From the beginning, the "survival of ObamaCare" (the ACA) has been a matter of politics, economics, and the judiciary. Many people have made the mistake of assuming it belonged to only one or two of those realms. 

While it seems that the judicial part of it has been somewhere between troubling and incoherent, the good news is that it keeps the ACA in the court of economics and politics. 

A primary political implication of this is that defenders of the ACA will have to live with its benefits and its costs, with little or no ability to shuffle blame to other entities. When it inevitably continues to cause significant costs and its benefits are modest, the political costs to be paid will probably be significant. 

The economics are that the ACA could only be an Ace bandage (or maybe only a band-aid) on a broken bone. Failing to understand and/or deal with the root issues, the govt is trying to make health insurance more accessible to those with fewer means. This has been a reasonable pursuit (albeit slated to fail), since the govt has worked so hard to jack up the system and to make health insurance so much more expensive over the last 70 years. 


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