Thursday, November 29, 2007

McCain confused-- or trying to confuse-- in attacking Paul

Of the Republican candidates not named Ron Paul, I like John McCain more than any other. Although I strongly dislike some of his positions, I respect him and the way he conducts himself.

That said, I didn't see last night's debate, but heard some follow-up, including Laura Ingraham's interview with John McCain. She played a clip from the debate where McCain accuses Paul of being an "isolationist". Not surprisingly, she didn't play Paul's reply. As Paul went on to clarify, he's a non-interventionist, not an isolationist-- a (somewhat?) subtle but vital distinction.

Apparently, Paul responded by clarifying and trumpeting a very interesting observation I had read earlier in Harpers: that he's #1 among the Republican candidates in receiving campaign contributions from those in the military.

Update: I just caught this moment on YouTube (see: question #9) and am further disappointed that the exchange came as a complete non sequitur after McCain had answered a question about the Fair Tax.

C'mon can do better!


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