Thursday, November 29, 2007

messing with the elderly?

A brief article in the C-J on the 54 worst nursing homes in the U.S.

I doubt that I would have bothered posting on this, but I've worked closely with my Grandma and her affairs for the last six years, including her lodging.

Somehow, Hillcrest Centre for Health and Rehab in Jeff was rated one of those 54 worst nursing homes in the U.S. Oddly, my Grandma stayed there at least once and I think twice-- once briefly and a longer stay that involved a rehab stint. My memory was that it was one of the nicer nursing homes with rehab as good as any she experienced! Either things got much worse recently or the government has slandered a good facility.

An update (12/3): More info on Hlilcrest from Friday's (Jeff/NA) News-Tribune...


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