Friday, December 21, 2007

Dale Moss' political wish list for 2008

In today's C-J, Dale Moss expresses his Christmas wish list-- for some abstract gifts to the public that cannot be put under a tree. Looking at the first three paragraphs...

He opens with two tough but fair paragraphs for the returning mayors of Jeffersonville (Galligan) and New Albany (England).

To Tom Galligan, Jeffersonville's former and future mayor, I give the strength to keep your cool no matter how hot things get. Voters have given Galligan another chance to change Jeffersonville. Voters expect him to change, as well, to get along as he goes ahead with another ambitious agenda. Galligan promises to manage his legendary temper but, yes, politicians do not always keep their promises. I trust that Galligan will try hard. And I trust that others will try hard to test Galligan. Last go-round, Galligan handled the city's progress better than he did its people. It need not be a choice.

To Doug England, New Albany's once and future mayor, I give eggnog spiked with humility. My sense is that England liked being mayor a little too much for New Albany's liking. This time, get drunk on accomplishment, not on power. Treat the City Council as a partner instead of a pest, whether it always deserves it or not. New Albany is schizophrenic politically, attested by England's revival. It wants to go fast. No, it wants to go slow. Once England figures what it wants in 2008 and beyond, he can lead capably. Just lead quietly.

From there, he turns his wishful artillery to Baron Hill and Mike Sodrel for more tough but fair comments about their fourth Congressional race...

To Baron Hill and Mike Sodrel, I give direction to the less-traveled campaign high road. For the fourth consecutive election, Southern Indiana's 9th congressional district likely will choose chiefly between Hill, the Democratic incumbent, and Sodrel, the Republican former incumbent. Each has defeated the other. Each really, really, really hates to lose to the other. This has gone way beyond ideals and philosophy. It has gotten personal. Which means each well may be determined to destroy the other, not just prevail on Election Day. Don't just condemn political ultimate fighting. Refrain from it. Tell voters why you are the better candidate, not why the other guy is not.


Part of me hopes that happens. It would be a much more enjoyable and constructive race.

Part of me hopes that they continue with the same negative/nasty status quo. That would make it easier for me to garner additional support. To quote Dale: at this point, the race is seen as "chiefly" between Hill and Sodrel. But if they stay negative-- and I can continue to gain resources and exposure-- who knows what can happen?

In any case, I look forward to a vigorous campaign!


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